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Kindness Heroes - Peer Wellbeing Group

Kindness Heroes


We currently have 10 Kindness Heroes, as part of our Peer Wellbeing Group.  They are a team of children who have all received official training in Mental Health and Wellbeing from our local Compass Go Team.  They are here to help, support and advise all of their peers.


They are:

Class 2 - Sophie and Oscar

Class 3 - Frankie, Zaira and Brooke

Class 4 - Rosie, Amelia, Ben, Evita and Neive


The Peer Wellbeing Group meets once a month with Mrs Barnes-Browne to discuss what has gone well and to discuss any worries or concerns that have arisen through discussion within their classes.


The Kindness Heroes have presented their own assembly to the rest of school, where they taught everyone some square breathing and looked at the five ways to wellbeing - connect, keep learning, be active, give and to take notice.  This was so well received by the rest of the school, especially the adults, who had a minute to practice their breathing techniques too!  


The group have now commenced “Feel Good Fridays” where they go round to each class to check in with any children that may want to talk to them over any concerns they have. The group try and assist where possible or signpost them to the right adult, if not.


What’s coming up:


Pastoral Drop-in Afternoon - Monday 16th January 2023, 2pm - open to all parents/carers.  The group will be involved in helping serve teas and coffees and on hand to talk to parents/carers at this event.


Children’s Mental Health Week (Let’s Connect) -  6-12 February 2023. The group are working on a whole school assembly for this and will look at ensuring resources are available across the school for everyone.






Children's Mental Health Week - Collective Worship


The Kindness Heroes led our whole school Collective Worship on Monday 5th February. They talked to children about their role as Kindness Heroes and introduced this year's Children's Mental Health Week. They showed the school what help is available, and who they can turn to in school if they need some support.