East Ravendale C of E Primary School

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World of Work

We believe that by providing our children opportunities at an early age helps them to develop life-long skills which will benefit them as they transition from education and into employment. We are pleased to be working alongside other LAAT schools in developing our World of Work programme where children can apply for various roles within the school, and following a successful interview process are employed throughout the school. 



Oliver, Grace and Joe are our Ambassadors for Change. Together with LAAT schools from the North Hub they work with local businesses to affect change within our community. This term they have been working on reducing the amount of electricity used in school, and planning for our growing patch - which they aim to use in school meals. 

Ambassadors for Change - October 2022


The Ambassadors for Change from across the schools met with Robert Gage from VPI Immingham to discuss their plans for the forthcoming year. 

Joe, Oliver and Grace - as administrators - led the meeting and each school had the chance to discuss and tell the rest of the group about their plans. 

Our school's Ambassadors are continuing to work on their growing patch this year, as well as finding solutions to cut energy usage across the school.