East Ravendale C of E Primary School

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East Ravendale PSHE curriculum:


In EYFS personal, social and health education is a thread which runs through all that we do. Children in the Early Years are taught to recognise their own feelings, think about the feelings of others and think of themselves as valued individuals. They are encouraged to learn to understand about our Golden Rules, how to be kind, to share, be resilient, to work and play together. These teachings run through each of the areas of the Early Years Curriculum, and prepare the children for their next steps in learning as they are ready to transition into Year 1 and study National Curriculum PSHE. 


Our curriculum for Years 1 to 6 is designed using high-quality resources from the PSHE Association. Units covered cover three core themes: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World. We have designed our curriculum over a 2-year cycle which takes into account our mixed-age classes and ensures that all pupils receive their PSHE curriculum entitlement by the time they transition into secondary education. We aim to ensure that through our curriculum all pupils leave East Ravendale as confident, well-rounded and empathetic individuals who are ready for their next steps.

RSE Curriculum Content:


Big Talk Education delivers the Relationships and Sex Education content (RSE) of the PSHE curriculum at East Ravendale. All pupils from Nursery to Year 6 receive high quality, age-appropriate content ensuring that they build knowledge and confidence in this area. 


Please see Big Talk Education's website for more details, including FAQs and parents information.